Posted by: landmarkjewelers | March 15, 2012

What Karat white gold should I purchase?

Many metals choices for jewelry are available.  So whats the best gold to use for a white jewelry piece?  The best choice varies depending on the application.  White gold 18K is a great metal for use in jewelry with diamonds and colored gems.  18K white gold can be more durable metal than 14K yellow gold due to the alloys that are used to make the metal white.  The higher karat of a finished piece could suggest a finer manufacturer or overall finer quality.  You can expect promotional quality diamonds on a 10K gold ring, and higher quality diamonds on 14k gold jewelry.  Fine diamonds are often used when manufacturing jewelry with 18K gold, but 14k gold can also use fine diamond goods.  Gold is easily sized, altered, and repaired.   It has proven to be durable and has been sought after nearly forever.


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